Bright's Bird Feeder

Bright's Bird Feeder

Product Code: W084110P



  • The free standing Bright’s bird feeder is one of the most attractive and practical bird tables around· 
  •  Handmade from FSC timber from sustainably managed forests·  
  • It features intricate lattice woodwork in a painted finish, with a range of roof paint finishes ranging from standard paint to copper effect.
  • Easy clean features including a side panel and tray which lifts out for easy cleaning (this also gives access to the inside edges of the bird table so they may brushed out removing any old food that could harbour bacteria)·  
  • The balustrade of latticework and arches around the feeder provides a safe area for smaller birds to feed·  This restricted access prevents larger species such as crows, pigeons, magpies and seagulls from being to access the food and also provides safety from predatory birds.·  
  • Suitable for all different feed types·  
  • Repaint annually to maintain appearance·  Note: colour and patina of roof finish may vary


Height: 845mm
Width at base:
450mm X 450mm
Screws and epoxy glue
316 Marine grade stainless steel and H3.2 wood
Coating system:
Two pot epoxy wood sealer, three coats of acrylic primer and two acrylic enamel top coats in a colour of customers choice.

Note: Post and support stand sold separately.