About Bright Manufacturing

A Locally Kiwi Owned & Operated Business

Where quality meets affordability.

Bright Manufacturing is located in the small rural community of Mauku, Auckland, New Zealand. It started 30 years ago when Gary Bright found that he and his wife couldn't find out door furniture that was of an English classic style, that was well made and affordable. Family, friends and neighbours also loved the furniture and wanted these to complement their gardens and out door living areas.

Gary decided that he would move to making his hobby into a full time business last year and sell these unique pieces of garden furniture to others to enjoy in their gardens.

Bright manufacturing design and craft pieces of garden furniture and ornaments from both metal and wood using a combination of traditional metal and wood working techniques with modern computer aided design and manufacturing. This process produces products that have the look and feel of a true quality artisan product without the high cost of labour.

Bright Manufacturing continues to help those wanting something more unique. Custom furniture is available to be produced based on his customers requests requirements.