Door Stop

Door Stop



This substantial doorstop will keep an 'open door policy' in any household. It is available in a range of timbers including New Zealand native varieties. These door stops come in three sizes. 

The small door stop measures L=100mm x W=100mm x H=200mm and weighs approximately 2 kg. PRICE =$60.00.

The medium size measures L=100mm x W=100 x H=300mm and weights approximately 3kg. PRICE=$70.00

The Large size measures L=140mm x W=140 x H=320mm and weights approximately 4kg. PRICE=$80.00

Personalise it with your house name, a couple's names for a wedding present, company name, a special date or simply 'Doorstop'.

We use seasoned Totara, Rimu, Austrailian spotted gum to make these doorstops. There are varying degrees of cracks in these blocks. This is all in character with the wood and is part of the natural beauty of the wood. The wood is finished with Danish oil to bring out the colour and grain.