Metal Poppy seed head

Metal Poppy seed head



These metal poppy seed heads will look perfect placed in flower borders as a decorative sculptural feature, an indoor flower arrangement or used at a plant support. The stems have a natural looking wave to them and can easily be bent to the desired shape if required. Brilliant gift or present for yourself!

Easy to install just push the stem of the seed head directly into the garden soil. 

Fully assembled and Handmade in New Zealand from 6mm round steel bar, solid hand forged steel and 2mm flat steel with a natural rust finish. The heads maybe supplied as plain steel (just made)  or in various stages of rust patina according to the date of manufacture. They will develop a beautiful rust coating very quickly.

The seed heads are sold individually in the following sizes;-

60mm diameter head = $45.00 each

50mm diameter head = $39.00 each

40mm diameter head = 33.00 each



  • Dimensions
    Width of seed head 60mm, 50mm, 40mm Height of seed head 70mm, 60mm, 50mm Overall height = 1270mm, 860mm, 850mm